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    Coffee Blending Workshop

    Create your own signature blend!


    $21.00 per person



    About this experience

    Each coffee varietal has its own unique characteristics - sweetness, mid-palate and high notes. In a small group, we’ll get hands-on with eight different coffee varietals, determine what you love and and you'll develop your own personal blend!

    Coffees we'll be sampling in this workshop:
    - Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)
    - Blue Moon (Bali)
    - Altura (Mexico)
    - Antigua (Guatemala)
    - Mandheling (Sumatra)
    - Peaberry (Tanzania)
    - French Roast (Colombia)
    - Blonde Roast (Colombia)

    By the end of the session, you’ll:
    - Identify the flavors you taste in each varietal on the LCC Taster's Flavor Wheel
    - Pick out your ideal combination of flavors
    - Make your blend during the workshop
    - Leave with 12 ounces of your own personal blend!