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    A Coffee Opportunity!

    When my daughter Annalise and I set out to build a coffee company together in the COVID era, we knew we were going to try our best and see what happened.

    In just five short months, we have had the privilege of delivering orders to over 1000 different households in the GLMV area and have a passionate group of regular coffee subscribers. We have an awesome roastery and greeting area where our home and commercial customers come in to visit.

    As fall comes, Annalise has decided to return to college full time. While I'm still actively involved, the Libertyville Coffee Co. needs someone who is truly at the heart of the business.

    This opportunity is more than just a job - you will learn a trade and be trained in all aspects of running a small business, from customer-facing activities to back-office operations. After 18 successful months in this role, the right person will be qualified to open and run a self-sustaining coffee roastery on their own.

    If you know someone who fits the following description, please introduce us!
    • Good person who just hasn't found the right spot in life (yet)
    • Understands the connection between their actions and how they influence and impact others
    • Enjoys coffee and talking about it
    • Willing to be trained on how to run all aspects of a small business, including coffee roasting
    • Proficient in algebra-level math
    • Valid drivers license

    Pay starts at $18/hour, no benefits. No benefits other than mapping your own path in life, that is. :) 

    Please contact me via email at