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     Annalise’s Story


                Some of my earliest memories are summer days playing Marco Polo at Adler Pool and Sunday mornings at Saint Joe’s followed by a hectic donut spree at Jewel. During drama-filled eighth grade days, my friends and I would spend all our babysitting money in downtown Libertyville. Once I was in high school, I proudly represented my peers on the sidelines cheering on LHS teams, becoming the best Wildcat I could be. Now, I have the unique and perfect opportunity to serve the community I’ve grown to love so much!


                My hometown life wouldn’t be the same without my dad, who owns a coffee roastery in Rockford and has been looking forward to starting one in Libertyville for years. He’s incredibly passionate about coffee. The guy has ever-so-humbly titled himself the “Coffee King of Rockford” and, though I don’t mean to call him an imperialist, Libertyville may have a new “Coffee King” very soon.


                Because our town deserves kingly coffee, we decided to work together and make the Libertyville Coffee Company! My love for Libertyville and his coffee expertise make us a force to be reckoned with. I’m the Goose to his Maverick! We spend our days listening to One Direction (definitely his choice), making coffee, and our nights driving all around town delivering it right to your doorstep. Together, we proudly serve coffee to the town we adore. 


                I see the Libertyville Coffee Company as a way to give back to the community by providing incredible coffee and making sure every customer knows just how much we appreciate them.

    P.S. - this was proofread by an LHS english teacher so it must’ve been a good read

    Brian's Story


    I moved to Libertyville in 1996 after graduating from college.  Fast forward 25 years and I have a wife, four kids and a hometown. 

    I'm an operations nerd who likes great coffee and beautiful processes. You'll get incredible coffee, every time, delivered as quickly as Annalise can (safely) drive her 2003 Ford Taurus. 

    Coffee is an experience, best when shared.  It's accessible to us all, never intimidating or challenging.  A good cup is one I'll share with my wife on Sunday morning while watching news shows, feeling the heat of a cup in my hand, the smell of the steam, the taste of the first sip. When I look over and we meet eyes, I know we have a connection over a great roast.