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    Delivery Program

    LCC provides free local delivery to Libertyville and surrounding areas.  As delivery costs have increased dramatically this year, we've needed to tailor our delivery areas.  As of July 1st, they are as follows:

    • Within 5 miles (as the crow flies) from LCC: Free!
    • Within 5-6 miles from LCC: $5
    • 6+ miles: Customer pays for shipping via UPS/USPS.


    Why that one mile? That one extra mile actually increases our delivery area by over 50% and, although we have some customers in it, just not enough to cover delivery costs.


    If you're in the $5 delivery circle - or even further beyond, there is way to influence this! Tell a neighbor about LCC! As we get greater concentration in your area, we'll expand as it makes financial sense.


    LCC Delivery Area July 1 2022