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    French Roast Colombian

    Our Colombian French Roast is a full-bodied coffee with rich caramelized sugars. The cup is low in acidity with a bold robust bittersweet finish. It brews a rich tasting cup of coffee without any of the charred or overly bitter tastes that some French Roasts are known to have.

    We roast and deliver within 2 business days!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    A perfect roast of Colombian beans

    A very smooth dark roast for anytime of day.

    Jenna Manz

    Amazing Coffee!

    Great Coffee!

    The Libertyville Coffee Company roasts some great coffee. I have tried the other roaster in Libertyville (not naming names) and their coffee is fine but The Libertyville Coffee Company looks and tastes fresher.

    Also, the other roaster gives you beans in a clear bag which I always found curious because beans should be protected from light to help maintain freshness. The Libertyville Coffee Company sends your beans in a nice thick, opaque bag with one-way venting valve. I get 2lbs. of French Roast delivered every 2 weeks and my family goes through the beans in that amount of time so I don't feel a need to transfer the beans to a new container. They stay very fresh as long as you keep squeezing the air and any degassed CO2 out.

    The French Roast coffee tastes great. I do the 1g of coffee to 17g of water rule and it comes out perfect. This roast is a nice middle ground between medium and very dark. If you like your roast darker but not really dark this is the roast for you. I have brewed in both a Chemex and drip machine and both came out great.

    I recommend this roast and The Libertyville Coffee Company overall. The beans are always fresh and the delivery is always prompt.

    William Dempster
    First Time Buyer of Libertyville Coffee - First purchase - French Roast beans

    Ordered Decaf & Regular beans for a "Half-Caf" mixture. Beans are great, perfectly roasted. The brew is rich tasting with no bitterness. The 50/50 mix tastes just right. Friends can't tell it's a "Half-Caf" brew. I have a Breville Grind Control brewer.

    Kevin Scott
    French Roast

    Good and full bodied