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    Canister Home Delivery Program Guidelines

    We have some general rules for the canister home delivery program that we'd like you to be aware of.


    Sales By Volume

    Sales made in canisters are conducted by volume rather than net weight. Every canister will be full to the top with 16 fluid ounces of whole bean coffee. The weight of each canister will differ based on the bean and roast inside. If you prefer to order by weight, please place an order for traditional bags, also available on our site.


    Returning Your Canister

    When your canister is ready for pickup, please just leave it on your front step. Our driver will pick it up and your depositwill be refunded within two business days after the return of the canister. You’ll receive an email from Libertyville Coffee confirming deposit refund.

    Alternatively, you're more than welcome to come by the roastery, drop it off and maybe pick up a cup of coffee. :)


    Earning Your Deposit Back

    1) Please do not remove the top label or we will not be able to credit your deposit back to you. It contains your name and the order number with which the deposit is related.


    2) Please only use the canister for storing coffee. If you decide that it is better for storing spare change, fishing bait, paint thinner, etc., we would appreciate it if you keep the container and we will use your deposit to buy a replacement. 


    3) There is no need to wash the canister before returning it. We have a process approved by the Lake County Health Department, including UV sterilization, that will take care of prepping the canister for reuse. 


    4) Dents happen. If the canister becomes damaged while in your care, please return it. We’re human too and we’d like to credit back your deposit even if an Oopsie makes a canister unusable in the future. 


    5) Please ensure the canisters returned with all of its parts, including the main body, the lid, the rubber sealing ring inside the lid and the metal clasp. If the canister is not returned in its entirety, we may only be able to issue a partial refund on the deposit. 


    6) You have six months from the order date on the top label to return the canister. After that point, we will assume that you have decided to keep it and will use your deposit to buy a replacement cannister.


    7) Deposit refunds are solely at the discretion of Brian (